For Christian Louboutin, design is paramount

Christian Louboutin is a long way from veal cutlets. At the downtown Seattle Nordstrom store Monday, celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary of his trademark red-soled, luxury shoe brand, the French designer remembered a lesson learned from an early job, as a teenage apprentice at the famed Paris music hall the Folies-Bergère. The showgirls, he […]

7 easy ways to identify a genuine Christian Louboutin shoe

Christian Louboutin red soles are a statement of class and distinction. But it’s sometimes hard to determine whether the pair of shoes you are buying are genuine or not. If you want to be absolutely certain, go to the Christian Louboutin boutique. However, if you are a consignment store shopper, here are seven identification steps […]

Scenes From the ‘Glorious’ Christian Louboutin Sample Sale: A VIP Spills All

christian louboutin replica That elusive louboutin replica sample sale is really and truly happening this week, and an anonymous tipster who shopped yesterday via an employee invite shared all the details with us last night—and in her own words, “it was glorious.” Yesterday afternoon’s line at 307 West 38th Street included tons of non-invitees (about […]

If You’re A Louboutin Lover, You Need To Read This… buy christian louboutin replica

christian louboutin replica heels are pretty much the holy grail of shoes and if we ever find ourselves with money to burn (or win the lotto), they are definitely on the wish list. Nude buy christian louboutin replica heels have long been a style staple and so, we were excited to hear that the buy […]

christian louboutin replica Introduces Nude Shoes For The Rest Of Us

Fashion wisdom has long maintained that every woman needs a good nude shoe in her closet. After all, nothing else makes your legs look as long. But, where fashion has failed so many women is in providing so-called “nude” shoes in colors other than beige. Luckily, yesterday louboutin replica made some major strides to fix […]

christian louboutin replica Expands Range Of Nude Shoes

buy louboutin replica has unveiled a new, expanded range of christian louboutin replica nude pumps to better suit women around the world, New York Magazine reports. The French designer, who released his first capsule collection of nude shoes in 2013, unveiled his expanded range at Bergdorf Goodman in buy christian louboutin replica New York, saying […]

louboutin replica Expands the Colors of the ‘Nude’ Shoe

In 2013, Christian louboutin replica released his first capsule collection of nude shoes. Now, he’s released new tones: At Bergdorf Goodman yesterday, he revealed varying silhouettes, which he says were inspired by the desire to offer shades that matched different women from around the world. To show off the shoes, he enlisted Shiona Turini, Jane […]